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MISERY INDEX to Commence Recording New Album, Heirs to Theivery

December 30, 2009

Baltimore, Maryland’s MISERY INDEX will be entering the studio this Saturday to start recording their next album. Here’s an update direct from the band:

“We will commence recording this Saturday…super excited, we start this weekend, when basically all day Saturday will be set aside for tweaking drums sounds, and then we start tracking drums on Sunday. The final track listing is as follows, and we are going with the title Heirs to Thievery.…but of course the order can change over the next four weeks as the album becomes more of a material vision for us and less of an abstract idea…the recording will take place from Jan. 2nd to final mixing on Jan. 28th. Over that time I will be doing video reports every few days….cheers and more news soon.. yeah!!!”

Tracklisting is as follows: 1. “Embracing Extinction” 2. “Fed to the Wolves” 3. “The Carrion Call” 4. “Heirs to Thievery” 5. “Spectator” 6. “The Seventh Cavalry” 7. “Illuminaught” 8. “Plague of Objects” 9. “You Lose” 10. “Sleeping Giants

The album is scheduled for a May 2010 release.