Paul Bostaph Replaces Nick Barker as TESTAMENT Drummer

Paul Bostaph (ex-FORBIDDEN/SLAYER/EXODUS) will join the ranks alongside originating classic thrash legends Chuck Billy on vocals, Alex Skolnick on lead guitar, Eric Peterson on rhythm guitar and Greg Christian on bass.

Unfortunately Nick Barker will not be recording with TESTAMENT on this new album, due to Homeland Security and International Work Visa issues. Rather than delaying this long awaited return of TESTAMENT, the band has chosen to recruit Paul Bostaph, long time friend and member, to record on the much anticipated album, which is tentatively scheduled for a spring 2008 release via Nuclear Blast.

11 thoughts on “Paul Bostaph Replaces Nick Barker as TESTAMENT Drummer

  1. fuck. i wonder if nicholas barker is on any of the album at all, I heard he was in the studio before he couldnt get back here from the tour.

  2. Album sounds great! Though Nick didn’t participate in recordings, Paul Bostaph has very interesting patterns.

  3. Who gives a shit about who….. oh yeah Dick Barker. Testaments new effort absolutly RIPS!!! Barker would have just held them back.

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