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ROB ZOMBIE Guitarist John 5 to Release New Solo Album

February 15, 2007

Out of the dark passages of John 5’s mind comes this mind-blowing, sinister guitar instrumental. The Devil Knows My Name is his third solo album, due out on April 3rd, 2007, which features guest guitar solo’s from two legendary guitarists ”“ Joe Satriani and Eric Johnson with newer legend in-the-making, Jim Root (SLIPKNOT). Keeping time are ZOMBIE band-mates, Tommy Clufetos (drums) and Piggy D. (bass). The album was recorded in the middle of night where John 5 would lay down his leads. This is the only album where all leads were doubled - an instrumental feat that is rarely taken on by the best of the guitar players. The Devil Knows My Name melds around clues, quotes and references of serial killers, wielding an eerie tone for those who dare to enter the world of John 5’s mind. “I wanted a different tone to the instrumental with twisted imagery of sounds,” explains John 5. “Utilizing serial killers came to light for this project while looking at their crimes and how distorted their minds work.” Not all is sinister on The Devil Knows My Name but there are tunnels to the past greats. John 5 shreds-out his version of GUNS N’ ROSESWelcome to the Jungle” and Chet AtkinsYoung Thing.” “I chose ”˜Welcome to the Jungle’ for the one reason ”“ when I was becoming successful it was easy to stay in the nest back home, then I saw the video and that made me get up and go to Hollywood.” “Welcome to the Jungle” will be the first release off the album and is hitting the airwaves soon. John 5 has created a worldwide following as a widely respected guitarist with such platinum artists as MARILYN MANSON, David Lee Roth, Rob Halford and now an integral member of ROB ZOMBIE. John 5’s eclectic influences combine for a truly unique guitar oriented record that once again sets new standards in the genre.