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Scarlet Records to Release First Ever DVD on April 16th

April 3, 2007

Scarlet Records will release the label’s first ever DVD on the 16th of April. Deliver Us From Evil is the confirmed title for the label’s latest effort, a compilation which will include video clips and live clips from some of its most significant artists, such as NECRODEATH, VISION DIVINE, HATESPHERE, BARCODE and ALLHELLUJA to name a few.

Here’s the complete tracklist: Deliver Us From Evil ”“ The Official Scarlet Records DVD 1) NECRODEATH ”“ “Master of Morphine” 2) STORMLORD ”“ “Under the Boards” 3) ALLHELLUJA ”“ “Superhero Motherfucker Superman” 4) DISARMONIA MUNDI ”“ “Celestial Furnace” 5) BARCODE ”“ “Fuck What You Say” 6) HATESPHERE ”“ “Only The Strongest”¦” (Live) 7) SLOWMOTION APOCALYPSE ”“ “The Insomniac” 8) KAYSER ”“ “Good Citizen” 9) PHAZE I ”“ “Scream of Dying Dogs” 10) CADAVERIA ”“ “Spell” 11) THE DEFACED ”“ “Once In Between” 12) VISION DIVINE ”“ “We Are, We Are Not” (Live) 13) DISARMONIA MUNDI ”“ “Red Clouds”