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SOLEFALD's 10th Anniversary Re-mix Album, The Circular Drain, Available for Pre-order

December 9, 2007

Norway’s SOLEFALD celebrate their 10th anniversary with the release of The Circular Drain. The album contains a remixed version of their 1996 Jernlov demo as well as remixes of select SOLEFALD songs spanning their catalogue. The album can be pre-ordered here.

Here is official word from the band:

“In the liner notes of The Linear Scaffold we audaciously announced a follow-up by the name The Circular Drain. Now, ten years later, it is here, an anniversary album celebrating SOLEFALD’s first decade. It features the Jernlov demo from 1996, available on cd for the first time. Four songs of total screaming madness! 300 numbered tapes of the demo were printed in 1996. The demo sold out quickly and has been unavailable ever since, going for exorbitant sums at Ebay. Jernlov has now been remastered by Endre Kirkesola and sounds pretty damn necro! An example: If you thought the screams on The Linear Scaffold were intense, you ought to hear the demo…

“Furthermore, The Circular Drain includes remixes of several SOLEFALD classics. HAVOC UNIT has remixed “Sun I Call” quite beautifully; THE BOMBS OF ENDURING FREEDOM has given “Survival of the Outlaw” the bigbeat aggression it needed; Newcomer EXORCISE offers a breathtaking version of “Red for Fire + Black for Death”; Lazare has finally remixed his favourite track “Fluorescent” (he has been fantasising about that since we recorded Neonism in 1998); I have recorded a semi-unplugged version of “When The Moon Is On The Wave” as G.U.T. Check out the tracklist below for all the details.

“Here is how to preorder The Circular Drain: Below you find a series of buttons that will take you to the PayPal site where you can pay with debit and credit cards as well as with bank transfers. As we are dealing with exclusive stuff here, I cannot give the albums away; but there are good discounts if you buy several copies. International shipping is included in the price. You can also order at the MySpace profile of Von Jackhelln Inhuman, where the G.U.T. album My Only Drug Is Madness is equally available.

I send out the numbered copies of The Circular Drain in the order that they are bought. This means I will send cd number one to the first buyer; cd number two to the second buyer, and so forth. As of yet, we are early on and there is a good chance of getting an low number! Grab the chance and get your hands on this exclusive object! You have the option to get the album dedicated to you personally.

“The cd is a 6-page digipack designed by Trine Paulsen and Kim Sølve, who have done our last four releases. The front cover is a real surprise: It features the Theodor Kittelsen drawing that gave “SOLEFALD” our name. With Kittelsen on board we are closer to the TNBM look than ever before!

“I will personally sign and number every cd by hand. Along with the cd I will also send you a hand-printed card from an old-fashioned Berlin typographer stating that you belong to the SOLEFALD hardcore. Your red certificate will carry beautiful German gothic fonts, and I will add your name and the number of your cd by hand. The cds will be ready to ship by January 4th, 2008.

“Being number seven in our discography The Circular Drain is an official SOLEFALD release. The remix album holds our usual professional standard when it comes to design and production (well, today the demo sounds pretty necro, although it was quite hi-fi back in 1996…) You will not find The Circular Drain in the shops anytime soon.

“If this isn’t a damn good gift idea for Yule, I don’t know what would be! Get SOLEFALD remix albums for your friends and family. For your lover and your teacher. For your grandparents and your pet. When they realise just how exclusive this is they will love you forever. For all orders placed before Christmas I will send out a specially designed gift certificate you can print out and give to your loved ones.

“Now check out the new remixes by EXORCISE and HAVOC UNIT!

“Here is the complete tracklist: Jernlov - The Iron Law SOLEFALD Demonstration Tape - 996 AF 1. “Motmenneske” 2. “Philosophical Revolt” 3. “Sivilisasjonens Slør - Ravnens Fall” 4. “When The Moon Is On The Wave”

The Circular Drain - Det Sykliske Sluk SOLEFALD Remixes & Free Mixes 5. “Red For Fire + Black For Death” - EXORCISE 6. “Survival Of The Outlaw” - THE BOMBS OF ENDURING FREEDOM 7. “Fluorescent (The Total Orchestra)” - dj:!!j Lazare 8. “Sun I Call” - HAVOC UNIT 9. “There Is Need” - The Extreme ZWEIZZ Fuckover 10. “CK II Chanel no 6” - HALF SHERMAN 11. “A Motion Picture” - RED SECTOR A 12. “Bragi (Prayer Of A Son)” - HAVOC UNIT 13. “When The Moon Is On The Wave” - G.U.T.

“The total playing time is approximately one hour.

“Best regards, Cornelius von Jackhelln

Berlin, December 6th, 1007 AF”