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SOLEFALD Sign to Olso's Indie Recordings; The Circular Drain Available for Order

December 14, 2008

Norwegian avant garde band, SOLEFALD, have announced their signing to Oslo, Norway’s Indie Recordings. The band expect their next album to be released next fall. The band’s compilation album, The Circular Drain, is now available via Season of Mist and Indie Recordings. Here is more from one-half of the band, Cornelius:

“Dear fanatics,

“I am happy to announce that SOLEFALD have inked a two-album deal with Indie Recordings in Oslo. After a twelve-year voyage over the foreign seas, it feels good to anchor in a Norwegian harbour. Indie having distributed our last releases thoroughly, we trust they will deliver in the campaign for our forthcoming albums.

“As Lazare is now the happy father of a little boy (born in late November - our congratulations!), and I am currently ill, our next album will be out in the early Fall 2009. We won’t go G’n’R on you, though - that is a promise!

“The first pressing of our compilation album ‘The Circular Drain’ is going gently and steady. It is now distributed by Season of Mist in France and by Indie in Norway, which means that you can order the album through ordinary retailers in those countries.

“If you wish a Yule present for yourself or for someone you like, you can also order the album directly from me. I will ship incoming orders next Monday, meaning that you should receive the album before Yule (at least in Europe and the US - it takes a bit longer to reach Asian destinations). For quick delivery I recommend Americans to order here. Be sure to check out my experimental G.U.T. project as well - wicked crossover electro that might appeal to SOLEFALD fans, featuring a cover of DARKTHRONE’s “Transilvanian Hunger”. You can order the SOLEFALD + G.U.T. cds for only 29.90 euros at at Von Jackhelln Inhuman’s MS page.

“I wish you a merry Yule, with plenty of happiness and love (screw the old hag Misery, she will come for you in January… ho ho!)

“Yours, Cornelius”