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TENHI Announce New Album Update; Ilkka Salminen Announces Departure

March 12, 2008

Finland’s TENHI are currently working on their new album, Saivo. Here is word from the band:

“The new songs for the coming album Saivo are evolving nicely. We however stand now in a rather unorthodox situation as we never have had so much new material waiting to be recorded.

“Here are some working titles for the songs.

-”noiad” -"rinta maan" -"kuolleet lehdet" -"vapaus saimaa" -"kuunteluyöt" -"uloin" -"horrospuhuja" -"pojan kiiski" -"kuvavuori" -"lintusalo" -"laulu kuolevalla" -"luut" -"pohjan" -"maa ja veri" -"paluu joelle" -"polku rantaan" -"risukko" -"pienet purot"

In other news, vocalist/multi-instrumentalist Ilkka Salminen is no longer in TENHI. Here is the band’s official statement:

Ilkka Salminen has now officially left the band. We decided to announce this as there has been some speculation around the matter.

“This isn’t a dramatic change in the band at all but rather awaited decision. His contribution has decreased along the years and his personal interests lie elsewhere, while for us the band has become even more crucial part of our lives.

“Despite this he will still be around as a friend for sure”¦

“So thanks for the past years ”“rock on!”

Here are Ilkka’s own words:

“Dear fans,

“I have now officially left TENHI.

“This is my own decision and I want you to know that it happens in the best spirit between all of us. It might not be a surprise for you, as my contribution in TENHI has decreased ever since we released Maaäet. For the time being I haven’t got the possibility to devote myself to TENHI anymore with the same intensity as Tyko and Ilmari.

“I’m extremely proud and happy for everything we achieved in TENHI and it all means an awful lot to me. I feel privileged that for the past decade I was given the possibility to create music with such talents as Tyko and Ilmari. I think TENHI is doing very well in their care, and I encourage them to carry on the TENHI saga for a long time.

“On my behalf I’d like to thank all of you TENHI fans for the fantastic support you’ve given throughout the years. I wish you all the best, keep TENHI flame burning!

“Yours, “Ilkka Salminen”