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TENHI to Release New 3-CD Collection, Folk Aesthetic 1996-2006

June 5, 2007

Progressive neo-folk band, TENHI, will release a 3-CD collection of rare and unreleased material, Folk Aesthetic 1996-2006, on August 6, 2007 via Prophecy Productions. It will be packaged as a noble digibook with 76 page booklet, liner notes and special artwork and drawings by TENHI mainman Tyko Saarikko. Here is more from the band:

“We just finished mastering the music and completing the cover artwork of the 10th year celebration compilation album called Tenhi Folk Aesthetic 1996-2006. It includes over three hours of rare and unreleased material from the years 1996-2006. The idea is to make a ‘book-like’ format with some info about each song, lyrics and translations and more. I also drew the artwork specially for it. More news posted soon about the release date.”

Folk Aesthetic 1996-2006 tracklisting:

CD 1: Kertomuksia (demo 1997) “näkin laulu” “havuisissa saleissa” “tenhi

Hallavedet (mcd 1998) “hallavedet” “hiljaiseksi lampi jää

Airut:ciwi (mcd 2000) “tuulennostatus” “kielo” “ciwenkierto

CD 2: “kausienranta” (unreleased) “suortuva” (alternative version) “etäisyyksien taa” (from promo 1997) “linnuit” (unreleased) “tuulenkaato” (alternative version) “sydänvalkea” (unreleased) “kuoppa” (demo version) “korvenraivaajat” (jäljen demo version) “kielo” (bonus song from Kauan album 1999) “niin auer hiljaa vie” (bonus song from Kauan album 1999)

CD 3: Unreleased album entity called Kaski. (Swidden). “häie” “luo varjo” “koiranlainen peura” “suruiksi soi” “sarahdus” “tuuli varista” “laule” “vasen” “neidiie