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The End Records to Reissue SIGH's Gallows Gallery Remastered with Revamped Art, Bonus Tracks

September 28, 2007

The End Records have announced plans to reissue SIGH’s 2005 album Gallows Gallery on November 27th, 2007.

The reissue, remastered by James Murphy, also features revamped artwork and several bonus tracks. The band recently released their album Hangman’s Hymn in June of this year to rave reviews. About the reissue, singer/founder/frontman Mirai Kawashima says: “In the beginning, Gallows Gallery was planned to be pretty much a jazzy album. You’ll hear the discarded pieces along with some alternate versions never heard before in the bonus tracks. Remastered by the mighty James Murphy, finally Gallows Gallery will be released in the form of what it should have been!” The tracklisting for the reissue of Gallows Gallery is:

1. “Pale Monument” 2. “In A Drowse” 3. “The Enlightment Day” 4. “Confession To Be Buried” 5. “The Tranquilizer Song” 6. “Midnight Sun” 7. “Silver Universe” 8. “Gavotte Grim” 9. “Messiahplan” 10. - 11. “The Tranquilizer Song” (David Harrow Mix) 12. “Pale Monument” (Harsh Vocal Version) 13. “In A Drowse” (Demo 2003) 14. “Messiahplan” (Gunface Alternate Guitar Solo Take) 15. “The Tranquilizer Song” (David Harrow Remix Outtake) 16. “Jazzy Outtake 1” 17. “Jazzy Outtake 2” In other SIGH news, the band’s song “Inked in Blood” from Hangman’s Hymn is featured on the free compilation from

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