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TORCHE Premiere New Music Video "U.F.O."

October 11, 2010

Miami’s TORCHE have premiered their first video “U.F.O.” off their ripping new album on Hydra Head, Songs for Singles. Video creator Andrew Cox explains the video:

“I watched Godzilla: Tokyo SOS on Netflix streaming a year or so ago and was kind of enamored with the kitschy effects. I didn’t have that much experience with Adobe After Effects, so going into the project knowing I wanted it to look sloppy made things less daunting.

“I started the video on my own, without any solicitation, for an entirely different song by an entirely different band (DAUGHTERS’ ‘The Theatre Goer’). But it was taking too long and that band broke up before the record dropped, so I switched it to the TORCHE song.

“If we had done everything by the book as a real production, the budget would have exceeded ten grand easily, but I think I ended up spending about $140, including the wrap bbq.”

Watch “U.F.O.”…

(via Pitchfork)