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VIRUS Post Rough Cut of New Song

November 26, 2007

Norway’s VIRUS, masterminded by Czral (a.k.a. Carl-Michael Eide, VED BUENS ENDE, DØDHEIMSGARD), have posted a rough-cut of a new song on their MySpace page. Czral talks about the track:

“We’ve just posted a new song. It’s a rough-mix WITHOUT BASS. Just like ‘Lost Peacocks’, we’ve chosen to post it without bass. The reason for this, is that the bass is such a big element in VIRUS, and we want all of you to still hear something new when the album finally is out.

“’Stalkers of the Drift’, is the name of this baby. Not as massive as ‘Lost Peacocks’. A different structure altogether. Slow and sad in the beginning, and building up towards a nice climax in the end. Lyrics are written together with Amniotic Sac, a lost girl from the dead city of Bolton, England. We’ve posted the lyrics as a bulletin to all our friends.

“Well, we’re still in the studio. Recording vocals. The bass is being done, as we speak, at Plenum’s place. All by himself. Then, of course, we’ll have the mixing, the details, some guitars, and baking. Lots of baking. In spite of all this, we still hope The Black Flux is gonna be out spring-time, even though the time-noose is tightening quite a bit.

“PS: listening to this song more than twice might cause eczema.”

Stalkers of the Drift” lyrics:

Feral aeroplanes, stalkers of the drift You float inside the hollow waves Like sleepwalkers on the ocean highway See the blind cavalry, in their concave masks, All lined up to fowl the beaches Dead faces painted in the sands

They mimic themselves, hiding in the wastelands Empty figures on the crests of the dunes The desert sculptures Paying homage to the wounds

With broken limbs they dance The snakes and their proud owners On parade out in the iron rain The sun retreats as the caves drink the rivers

The feral aeroplanes (fuelled on black milk) Chasing the winds Upon the ocean highway Gliding on raw silk Cheered by broken clapping hands

Listen to the track here.