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ANTIMATTER - Leaving Eden


Time marches on as Mick Moss (vocals/guitar) powers ANTIMATTER’s first album without its other founding member in Duncan Patterson. And Moss admirably and impressively creates the band’s best album to date. Leaving Eden is a collection of sweeping tides of emotional atmospheres. The soulful yet melancholic feel is undeniably potent and leaves quite an impression. Much of the songs take on a more rock-ish feel this time around with a healthy dosage of electric guitars, and less minimalist elements of the past. However, ANTIMATTER’s trademark acoustic guitars are ever present. Moss has also employed a full band, which most notably includes ANATHEMA’s Danny Cavanagh on guitars, piano, and vocals. Cavanagh’s contributions play an integral part on the album’s success as his piano and lead guitar work help to take the songs to new levels. Songs such as “Redemption,” “Another Face in the Window,” and “Freakshow” are some of the heaviest songs that the band have ever written. ANTIMATTER aim to achieve PINK FLOYD-level heights of emotion and atmosphere and they certainly come as close as one can get. There are also plenty of acoustic guitar-based songs that are perfectly complemented by violins, bass, and drums. At the end of the day, Mick Moss is the star of Leaving Eden as his warm, soulful vocals are as good as it gets. Without a doubt, Leaving Eden is ANTIMATTER’s most accomplished and profound work to date. Definitely a candidate for one of the year’s top releases. (Prophecy Productions)