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ION - Madre, Protegenos


The diversity of metal artists often carries out far beyond the boundaries of metal itself. Influences become explorations, and one Duncan Patterson is a prime example of that. The former ANATHEMA member, who’s post-ANATHEMA musical output surfaced via the eclectic ANTIMATTER, has found himself exploring his own most personal creation in ION. ION’s debut Madre, Protegenos retains the dark perspective of ANATHEMA and the sparseness of ANTIMATTER, never encapsulating either the heaviness of ANATHEMA or the electronics of ANTIMATTER. Madre, Protegenos is an ethereal collection of new age, world music. Tracks take a minimalistic approach, primarily driven by acoustic guitars, light percussion, and elegant “folksy” female vocals. Wind instruments occasionally dress the musical “white space” with just the necessary amount. Madre, Protegenos is a soundtrack-worthy exploration of eclectic music that is true to its intended form. There is no better example of metal’s diversity than Duncan Patterson’s ION. (Equilibrium Music)