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BETRAYED - Substance


Though it may seem that the U.S. hardcore scene has become nothing but a commercialized joke, all is not lost. BETRAYED lay down one of the best hardcore releases this year in Substance. Substance is full of fire and raging passion that is brutally honest, which is quite a contrast to their trendy mainstream counterparts. The frenetic pace shifts between breakneck and uptempo driving rhythms. And it’s not just vocalist Aram Arslanian’s passionate words about the hardcore ethos and the scene today that makes Substance so damn good. Guitarist Todd Jones absolutely kills with his massive chops. It’s his catchy riffs, knowledge of song dynamics, strong hooks and leads, and foundation in old school hardcore that propels BETRAYED far past the pack. Substance is 29 minutes of inspirational hardcore…an album that has the potential to save a young kid’s life or rekindle that old fire in older fans. (Equal Vision Records)