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HATEBREED - Supremacy


The biggest hardcore band on the planet return with an album sure to please their diehard fans. HATEBREED stay within their trademark sound and deliver all the heavy-handed riffs, high energy, and aggression that you can handle. Supremacy sounds like it was specifically created to be the soundtrack for a perpetual moshpit. And these are the kinds of moshpits that HATEBREED are infamous for conjuring. It simply does not let up. The lyrics roar just as much, if not more, than the instruments themselves. However, this is also the aspect of Supremacy that may make or break one’s enjoyment of the record. With a detailed intro and extensive liner notes, vocalist Jamey Jasta explains and elaborates on coping with his recent personal struggles. However, after a few songs he turns out to sound more like a preacher than a hardcore vocalist. This will wear down those who are not interested in being told in a sense how to live their lives, though this may not have been the original intent of the band. But HATEBREED fans will eat up as this is more or less in line with their previous records. With Supremacy, they continue their strong consistency and show no signs of letting up as one of the mainstream’s most prominent figures. (Roadrunner Records)