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CONVERGE - No Heroes


In an underground where blast-beats, throat-shredding, and distorted soundwaves are the essence of the tune, true extremity has become a difficult seed to sow. CONVERGE, however, weave a tight-knit musical quilt–one that always shines with creative valor, fault-less execution, and a true knack for keeping it real…real extreme. Their latest album, No Heroes, captures the same frenzied chaos of Jane Doe while incorporating the introspective elements of previous album, You Fail Me. Tracks like “Hellbound” and “Heartache” deliver with all the teeth and urgency of the most jarring tracks on Jane Doe, as does the album’s best track “Sacrifice”. While at the other end of the spectrum, “Grim Heart/Black Rose” is a long, dark two-part song that pierces with emotion instead of force. The song also features vocalist Jacob Banon’s most prominent use of clean vocals. Is it a sign of things to come? Regardless, CONVERGE shine in their ability to strike a chord; their ferocity is simply moving. Bassist Nate Newton’s beefy bottom end throttles the hardcore/metal/punk mega-hybrid attack, and drummer Ben Koller’s ever-busy limbs really catapult the band’s intensity. Even with such musical chemistry, in the end it’s their honesty and conviction that elevate themselves above their peers and their peers’ peers. With No Heroes, CONVERGE stay the course and blow shit up simply by putting their heads down and straight rocking out. (Epitaph Records)