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MODERN LIFE IS WAR - Fever Hunting

Modern Life is War - Fever Hunting

A five year hiatus is all it took for one of hardcore’s best to make a comeback.  Simply put, Fever Hunting is a damn good album and one that sees the original line up of MODERN LIFE IS WAR doing what they do best - making music that matters.

As we’ve come to expect from the band, their music is all about wearing their hearts on their sleeves and the passion and emotion exude from every note and shout.  After stretching out and briefly warming up with “Old Fears, New Frontiers,” the band get right into it with their driving riffs, melodies, and impassioned singing. The song range from the slower, more “dramatic” “Chasing My Tail” and “Blind are Bleeding” to the uptempo melodics of “Media Cunt” to the tension filled title track.  The production is immaculate from the immaculate Kurt Ballou (CONVERGE).

Much of extreme music is gimmick centric and often does not reach fans on a profound level.  Not the case here.  One listen and you’ll quickly feel that Fever Hunting is something very special, something that is overwhelmingly positive.  Gentleman, Welcome back, MODERN LIFE IS WAR!  (Deathwish Inc.)