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MODERN LIFE IS WAR - Midnight in America


MODERN LIFE IS WAR’s star continues to rise with their most accomplished album in Midnight in America. They’ve been able to hone that raw, youthful energy into a progressive and dynamic musical technique and approach. Midnight in America aspires to be a powerfully emotional and diverse album. The mood is always declared from the outset of each song and the band work to maintain and present each vibe. Thankfully, MODERN LIFE IS WAR dutifully accomplishes their mission. Lyrically, the themes and stories are akin to folk story telling of forgotten American tales by a hardcore punk band. There are some moments when MODERN LIFE IS WAR takes on almost MOGWAI-like heavy atmosphere, as well as riffing. However, they build their foundations on their relentless strumming of guitar chords and lively tempos. To top off the album, there’s a feel of honesty and conviction that is refreshing and invigorating to hear. All in all, Midnight in America is a winner and perhaps one of the most spirited albums of the year. (Equal Vision Records)