DARKANE – The Sinister Supremacy

Darkane - The Sinister SupremacyBy now, it’s a safe bet that one of the best bands in metal are not going to disappoint fans.   The elite Swedish melodic death/thrash band that we’ve grown to love, DARKANE, continue to inflict massive damage with their sixth album, The Sinister Supremacy.

So the big news is vocalist Lawrence Mackrory‘s return to the band since their legendary debut, Rusted Angel.  And Lawrence makes a comeback the way a comeback should be done.  His voice is better in every respect, especially in the range and power departments.  By album’s end, you’ll conclude that he has rightfully returned as DARKANE‘s vocalist.

Simply put, The Sinister Supremacy is a near flawless album.   The balance within and among the songs is great.  You get the thrashing scorchers, mid-paced atmospheric ones, big choruses, chunky poly rhythms, etc.  Some songs prevent metal overload from occurring such as the grand movie soundtrack instrumentals, “Sounds of Pre-existence” and “Hate Repetentance State.”  DARKANE ends things on a high note with one of their best songs, “Existence is Just a State of Mind.”  From the gradual build up with a great lead guitar part to the absolutely monster chorus, it is epic.

The bottom line is that DARKANE prove once again with The Sinister Supremacy why they are among the best of the best.  They are the ideal metal band – an original style, elite musicianship, and solid, excellent songs.  Worship them.  (Prosthetic Records)

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