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SCARVE - The Undercurrent


France’s SCARVE forge ahead with their futuristic style of progressive death metal in The Undercurrent. While it’s obvious that the band are influenced by the likes of MESHUGGAH and STRAPPING YOUNG LAD, comparisons at this point are basically irrelevant as SCARVE have carved out their unique sound. The band has met the task of creating a worthy follow-up to the highly impressive Irradiant with an album that is more challenging, accomplished, and arguably more creative. The Undercurrent is the perfect mix of raging fury, technical prowess, and tasteful progressive influences. There is a great level of energy and consistency in quality flowing throughout The Undercurrent, which helps to create such a solid feel. Ex-DARKANE vocalist Lawrence Mackrory does a fine job in replacing the departed Guillaume Bideau. Songwise, there is plenty of diversity and character among the memorable songs. Perhaps where The Undercurrent shines brightest is not in the obvious fast, straight forward song sections but in the clever and highly refreshing riff writing, the flawless tempo shifts throughout, the variety of different drum/guitar/bass rhythms, and the shifts between raging to desolate atmospheres. SCARVE is the ideal metal package ”“ a fresh, distinct sound; strong songwriting skills; a high level of technical wizardry; and the talent to execute their artistic vision. The future of metal is now. (Listenable Records)