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MNEMIC - Passenger


On each new album, Denmark’s MNEMIC have made considerable improvements in terms of both songwriting and production and with their third album, Passenger, the band has delivered their most consistent and focused work to date. Throughout the album’s eleven tracks, the band balances busy stop-start rhythms against melodic vocal sections. Although this is hardly a new trick, the band executes these contrasts with considerable finesse. “In the Nothingness Black,” “In Control,” and “The Eye on Your Back” all offer prime examples of this, with each syncopated rhythm answered with memorable hooks and choruses that draw the listener in. Sonically, the album’s production is as tight as a bolt, which is a feat in itself considering the fact that the album was recorded with three producers in three different countries. Somehow it manages to maintain a level of cohesiveness throughout its entirety. New singer Guillaume Bideau (formerly of SCARVE) also makes an impression with his debut with the band as he handles Passenger’s open-ended concepts about existence and life’s journey with confidence. His ability to shift from harsh to clean vocal sections and then back again, make him a perfect addition to the band. MNEMIC’s ambition and drive have paid off. Passenger is easily their finest hour and another step in the right direction for this continuously evolving band. (Nuclear Blast Records)