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DETHKLOK - The Dethalbum


The Dethalbum features songs by the animated five-piece “extreme metal” band, DETHKLOK, from the Metalocalypse animated series, a show that’s really about the comedy of this abrasive genre of music we know and love. While DETHKLOK is supposed to be the biggest, heaviest, most brutal band on the planet, their music doesn’t quite convey that. There aren’t blast-beats, tempos are about OBITUARY “fast,” and some of the riffs/leads are a little too easy on the ears (think ARCH ENEMY). But that’s if you’re a seasoned metal bastard. Fans of the show who may not be quite familiar with the real “dark side” of metal, will find The Dethalbum to be delightfully dark and destructive. Songs are still true to extreme metal form. Guitars are downtuned, drum god Gene Hoglan (STRAPPING YOUNG LAD, ex-DEATH) pounds heavily, leads are flashy and tastefully executed by show creator, Brandon Small, (who sings and plays all instruments, except drums)…and the lyrics even revolve around the familiar theme of death (surprise, surprise)! Those familiar with the show will recall “Murmaider” from the Dethwater episode, “Awaken” from the Dethtroll episode, and “Birthday Dethday” from the Happy Dethday episode, (amongst others) from the show. Despite some impressive guitar noodling by Small, DETHKLOK’s musical and lyrical intelligence hover quite low, which aid in capturing the sometimes ridiculousness of extreme metal. The Dethalbum is an enjoyable album that is a necessary companion piece for fans of Metalocalypse (especially the deluxe edition which comes with the “Duncan Hills Coffee Jingle” from the show’s pilot). Others, however, will be lost on the stupidly, humorous innuendo. (Williams Street)