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FEAR FACTORY - The Industrialist

Fear Factory - The Industrialist

“Fan service” might be the best way to describe The Industrialist.  It’s not often that a record is released and there isn’t much of anything to complain about.  With The Industrialist, FEAR FACTORY deliver everything fans love about FEAR FACTORY.  The machine gun riffing/drumming, the futuristic atmospheres, the mix of distorted and clean vocals, and the attacking aggression are all beautifully executed.

In comparison to its predecessor Mechanize, The Industrialist is a bit more singular in its attacking focus.  Perhaps there is a tad less variety in the riffing and song variety departments.  Don’t expect too much in the way of change or progression as FEAR FACTORY basically do what they do best here.  Thankfully, that doesn’t significantly subtract from the value of the record.

Fans may be disappointed to know that vocalist Burton C. Bell and guitarist/bassist Dino Cazares have opted to use a drum machine for the record.  Drum god Gene Hoglan is as busy as usual with his many other bands.  However, FEAR FACTORY’s style, by default, is perfectly suited for a drum machine.  Thus, everything sounds the way it should.

Simply put, The Industrialist is solid.  The songs are catchy and full of energy and aggression.  Good shit.  (Candlelight Records)