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EXFORK - A Cure For the Common Disease Called Man


EXFORK’s A Cure For the Common Disease Called Man 10" is a loud explosion of hardcore and metal that sonically serrates more like a disease than a cure. While the band has long since broken up (2000), A Cure thunders with a style that fits somewhere between UNSANE and BOTCH… certainly a forward-pushing style at the time the tracks were recorded (before the split). Producer Billy Anderson (NEUROSIS, THE MELVINS, JAWBREAKER) finely captures EXFORK’s dark, raw sound…one of a serious band with an honest concern. Drummer Mike Felix (TOY’S THAT KILL) anchors the assault with an agility that gives each of the eight tracks a clean and necessary vibrance. Atop that, Mike McGill and Sean Rodriguez’s grungy guitars splash the soundtrack with an uneasy dissonance. EXFORK’s Cure is a fierce capsule of sound that still can dance amongst the sounds of today’s heavy bands. (Geykido Comet Records)