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BOTCH - 061502


It took seemingly a million years to get the DVD of BOTCH’s final performance out but it’s finally here. Recorded on June 15, 2002, BOTCH perform 14 of their killer songs in front of a hometown crowd at the Showbox in Seattle, WA. First off, it’s just fitting in the interests of justice that such an unsung pioneering band such as BOTCH have a DVD out. The band went out at the top of their game as each song is flawlessly performed with lots of enthusiasm and energy. 061502’s fantastic production easily rivals any live recording and is one of the DVD’s best qualities. The DVD regularly switches between five cameras and is filmed in a more “underground” fashion as to not be confused with other live DVDs that provide plenty of close-ups, ultra crisp picture, and many more camera angles. Also included are five songs intimately performed live in Bellingham, WA and the video for “St. Mathew Returns to the Womb.” The bottom line is that if you’re a BOTCH fan, then this is the long awaited addition to your collection. (Hydra Head Industries)