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DARK TRANQUILLITY - Where Death is Most Alive DVD

Dark Tranquillity - Where Death is Most Alive DVD

It’s been a long while since DARK TRANQUILLITY fans got treated to a DT DVD release. While Live Damage was good, Where Death is Most Alive is the definition of fan service.

Disc One contains a show recorded in Milan on Halloween night 2008. Visually, the performance is very pleasing as the stage has a nice set up with great lighting through out their set. Musically, the set is focused mostly on their last four albums with some classic gems from their earlier albums. For diehard fans, the inclusion of classics such as “Edenspring,” “Lethe,” and “Dreamlore Degenerate” is truly a godsend. They are still as invincible as the day they were recorded on their respective albums. Performance-wise, DT play with the kind of energy and enthusiasm that they’ve been known for. The crowd is great as well as they are actively involved. It should be noted that this show is what appears as the Where Death is Most Alive double CD release. The CD release sounds great and is a worthy stand alone release. And yes, bass is audible!

Disc Two is really where the fan service comes in as it is packed with a band history documentary, all their promo videos starting from Damage Done, and an archive of just tons of live footage that spans the band’s history. The documentary, “Out of Nothing,” is an interesting look at the band’s roots. Mikael Stanne, Niklas Sundin, and Martin Henriksson guide the viewers through the band’s first rehearsal space and the neighborhood where they all grew up together and formed the band. Every member of the band, past and present, are interviewed and try to give more insight into the history of Gothenburg’s longest running band. The most poignant aspect of the documentary is that the band make clear that they were the first melodic death metal band from Gothenburg. The massive archive of live footage leaves virtually no stone unturned. You get to see the band in almost every phase of their history.

There’s nothing further to analyze or mull over. If you are a DT fan, then this is a mandatory addition to your collection (Century Media Records)