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Dark Tranquillity - Construct

Album number 10, Construct, is finally here from the kings of Gothenburg, Sweden.  After making their biggest leap in sound and style in recent times with We Are the Void, DARK TRANQUILLITY continue moving forward.

Those ghostly, eerie, and beautifully sublime and sad feelings from We Are the Void are further explored.  New melodic sensibilities and angles are born here as well.  There are also nods to the past but presented with the wisdom that the band has attained through out the years.

Songs such as “The Silence in Between,” “Apathetic",  “Endtime Hearts” and “Weight of the End” are a piece of cake for them.  Catchy as hell with some of the best riffs DT have ever written, and I’m referring to those distinctly invincible DT riffs.

Where they shine the brightest on Construct is when they shift into the somber, subdued atmospheres.  The sad melodic lead guitar riff on album opener, “For Broken Words,” speaks volumes.

Uniformity” calls to mind the band’s love of DEPECHE MODE as well as the cold atmospheres from We Are the Void. It is this track where we hear Mikael Stanne  utilizes those soulful clean vocals that we all love so much. The song ends likes glaciers in the distance silently and slowly toppling into the sea.

Construct goes to another level with the soulful “What Only You Know.” The song is a culmination of the best elements of the album - soul, massive keyboards, different tempos, great transitions between quiet and heavy parts, and clean vocals.

State of Trust” is an exercise in dichotomies with the band at its cleanest crashing against heavy, jagged rocks of tension.  The volatility and contrast are awesome.

Album closer, “None Becoming,” sends Construct into the depths of oblivion.  It ranks as one of the band’s most powerful, epic songs, and is a true culmination and summary of present day DT.

Bonus tracks, “Immemorial” and “Photon Dreams,” are definitely worth the few extra bucks.

The subtleties on Construct should never be ignored, whether it be technical brilliance, song arrangements, well placed drum fills, or great lyrics.  Those are the crucial details that distinguish DT as standing high above the pack.  Res ipsa loquitor.