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LAETHORA - March of the Parasite


Sweden’s LAETHORA are a breath of fresh air. Featuring members of DARK TRANQUILLITY and THE PROVENANCE, LAETHORA are equipped with some able metal blokes who’ve been around ye olde death metal block. March of the Parasite is a refreshing debut album that tips its hat to old school Swedish death metal but without feeling stuck in the 90’s. The band accomplish that very feat by incorporating both styles and techniques of NWOSDM (New Wave of Swedish Death Metal) and black metal intensity and darkness into their foundation of old school flavor. Opening number “Parasite” sets the tone–fluttering blast-beats, Swedish death metal one-two, one-two beats, and Jonatan Nordenstam’s demonic bark. The excitement of a blistering introduction builds after only a couple songs when LAETHORA exhibit some multi-dimensional dynamics. “Imposters” breaks it up with some slow, dark passages, while “Black Void Remembrance” opens it up with clean, ringing melodics DARK TRANQUILLITY-style. Closing track, “Facing Earth,” is a monumental piece that’s slow yet Earth-shakingly crushing. Throughout the song (and the album), subtle synths dress the heavy guitars with tasteful majestics. Though March of the Parasite is rooted in death metal, there’s certainly enough here that makes LAETHORA far-reaching in appeal…and certainly what makes such a bright album. (The End Records)