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IGGY POP - Lust for Life DVD

Iggy Pop - Lust for Life DVD

While this documentary was filmed in 1986, the subject matter and content is timeless. The film is interspersed with live footage of Iggy Pop with his solo band in 1986 in Germany, STOOGES performance clips, various photos relating to his career up to that point, and various other clips. The heart of the document is the insightful interview with Iggy, and the interview with STOOGES’ guitarist Ron Asheton.

During the interview with Iggy, he goes through his musical roots, what really made him want to play music, and working with David Bowie. One of the best moments is when the interviewer plays the STOOGES’ “No Fun” and Iggy gets a huge smile and you can see his instantaneous happiness. Iggy then goes into how the song came about and the attitude behind it.

The interview with the late Ron Asheton is gold for STOOGES fans as he discusses the band’s early days and shares some really cool stories. He also takes the interviewer to where the band first practiced in his mother’s basement as well as other pertinent locations in the band’s hometown of Ann Arbor, Michigan. Asheton is very candid and reveals much about the band’s drug habits and their untimely demise.

Lust for Life may not be packed with tons of content or is of average documentary length, but it’s short and sweet. The documentary was created by German filmmakers, but there is minimal use of German in the documentary’s narration so it should not be a hinderance. Overall, Lust for Life is recommended for fans of the STOOGES and IGGY POP. (MVD Visual)