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THE GATHERING - A Noise Severe


The only way to follow up an award winning DVD in A Sound Relief is to release another award worthy-DVD. A Noise Severe is packed with an abundance of the highest quality content that the band could include. The first disc is composed of THE GATHERING’s live performance in Santiago, Chile in front of 4,000 enthusiastic fans. The atmosphere of the vibe is simply electric as the band and the crowd constantly feed off each other’s energy making for a really fantastic performance. THE GATHERING put on a near-flawless show with plenty of smiles on the band’s faces throughout. As far as the two hour setlist goes, there is a really nice blend of songs from all albums of the Anneke van Giersbergen-era. The biggest thrill for many will undoubtedly be the inclusion of half of the landmark Mandylion album. The visuals are great in not only the fact that the stage presentation is top-notch but there are numerous cameras that allow for multiple views of the show. The second disc is comprised of a documentary of the making of the Home album and various video clips of songs from albums. The documentary, “Homemade,” is a very candid and insightful look into not only the writing process for Home but also a look into the personalities and lives of the band. You come away feeling a greater appreciation for the band as well as getting a new perspective on the album. Overall, this is simply one of the best music DVD releases available. The double CD version of A Noise Severe serves as a quality stand alone release due to the fantastic mix, performance, and the compelling atmosphere of the show that translates easily into an audio format. A Noise Severe is also a perfect snapshot in the life of the band near the end of the Anneke van Giersbergen-era. (The End Records)