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IRON MAIDEN - Live After Death


After the release of a monster of a DVD, The History of IRON MAIDEN - Part 1: The Early Days, fans have had to wait an agonizing three years for the follow up, Live After Death. The great news is that Live After Death does not disappoint in the least. Disc One is composed of the long out of print Live After Death concert video. Recorded on the Powerslave tour during the band’s four night run at Long Beach Arena, this is absolutely the most, if not one of the most, classic metal concert videos of all time. IRON MAIDEN are in top form and go through a complete setlist of MAIDEN classics. The Powerslave-themed stage set is larger than life and really adds to the spectacle of the show. Disc Two consists of part 2 of the “History of IRON MAIDEN” documentary, an additional documentary in “Behind the Iron Curtain,” the band’s performance at Rock in Rio ‘85 and more. Part 2 of the “History of IRON MAIDEN” takes us through the mega successful Powerslave-era of the band beginning with the recording of the album. The band members, crew, management, and friends all share candid thoughts and anecdotes from the era. The abundance of footage, photographs, and interviews really conveys a great sense about what MAIDEN were living at the time. “Behind the Iron Curtain” takes you through the band’s unprecedented tour of Poland and other areas of the Eastern Block during the communist era. The content of both documentaries is not only fascinating, interesting, and highly entertaining, but just as awe-inspiring when you see the unmatched adoration and success that MAIDEN achieved over 23 years ago. The excellent quality and abundance of interesting content should more than satisfy (rabid) MAIDEN fans. The unquestionable relevance and impact of Powerslave and this subsequent DVD package make for the perfect compliments. The bottom line is that Live After Death is a mandatory purchase for every metal fan. Onward to next MAIDEN DVD! (New Door Records/Universal Music Enterprises)