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IMMOLATION - Providence

Immolation - Providence

Fresh off the release of last year’s Majesty and Decay album, IMMOLATION has once again conquered and solidified their part as being one of the most consistent and prolific death metal bands ever with Providence.

IMMOLATION wastes no time with any intros, and within seconds of “What They Bring,” you already sense that the EP will be brutal, blasphemous, and destructive to the ears. Ross Dolan’s vocals are still deep and brutal, but over the years, his enunciation style has become clearer without sacrificing brutality. Drummer Steve Shalaty has definitely topped IMMOLATION’s previous drummers with his technique and intricacy. And who can forget Robert Vigna’s twisted songwriting with his demonic riffs, perfectly placed pinch harmonics, and strange song structures? “Illumination” starts off with violas in the background, only to be unleashed with a fury of blasts and harmonics that make Christians cower in fear.

The title track slows the pace, but the brutality never diminishes.  Something that haunted IMMOLATION in the past was poor production like on the Failures For Gods album, but much like Majesty’s production, Providence sounds clear, flawless, with plenty of low end. “Swallow the Fear” is one of the best songs IMMOLATION has written in the last few years, encasing their entire repertoire of killer riffs, drumming, and catchy vocal lines.

IMMOLATION is a band that is still going strong with fresh ideas and high quality songs, which is very promising, especially for a band that has been around for over two decades. This EP was released as a free download, so be sure to check them out live at a city near you and buy their merchandise so they can survive and keep writing excellent music, while putting these trendy “flavor of the month” bands to shame! (Scion A/V)