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IMMOLATION - Shadows in the Light


IMMOLATION have long been one of the most consistent leaders in the world of extreme music, and the band’s latest Shadows in the Light sees the band continue to operate at the top of their game. From the relentless barrage of “Hate’s Plague” that opens up the album to the dark haunting leads that bleed out towards the end of “Whispering Death,” the band delivers the goods with intent and conviction. “World Agony” and “Shadows in the Light” in particular emerge as new IMMOLATION classics as both present catchy hooks, busy drum patterns, thick, dense riffs and epic arrangements both in under four minutes. Each song on Shadows in the Light has its own strengths, but almost all of the tracks showcase the band’s attention to detail, as well as an emphasis on well-written structures and composition while offering each member a chance to showcase his own talents. Underrated (as is most of the band) guitarists Bob Vigna and Bill Andrews unleash some ripping guitar solos, which somehow manage to balance atmosphere, musicality, and intensity, exhibiting a disciplined form of controlled chaos. Well in to their second decade, IMMOLATION seem to improve with each release, staying true to their roots all the while managing to create something unique within the genre of death metal. That alone makes Shadows in the Light essential listening. (Century Media Records)