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INTRONAUT - Habitual Levitations (Instilling Words with Tones)

Intronaut - Habitual Levitations

In a heavy music world of formulas, cliches, and the resulting unintentional comedy, INTRONAUT provide a welcome break and compelling excursion into their world. Habitual Levitations picks up where Valley of Smoke left off.  The songs are as proggy, sometimes jazzy, exploratory, and introspective as one would expect.  And in INTRONAUT tradition, nothing is predictable.  You haven’t heard these song structures and riffing patterns repeated by others so many times before.  Song uniquely evolve and you can’t predict what is next.

Dual clean vocals from guitarists Sacha Dunable and Dave Timmick are once again exclusively utilized throughout.  Speaking of guitar work, there are plenty of great guitar tones and effects that serve as ear candy for all the diverse guitar work going on.  One of the best rhythm sections in metal, Danny Walker and Joe Lester, continue to prove that they are operating on a higher plane.

Without a doubt, “The Welding,” is one of the band’s best songs.  It personifies everything that makes Habitual Levitations a good album - peaks and valleys, great musicianship, and soul.  “Sore Sight for Eyes” is also damn good with it’s TOOL intro riff, choice clean guitars, and great vocals.  Don’t get too upset at the band for the cocktease of SABBATH’s “Children of the Grave” on “Eventual.”

As is the rule for all INTRONAUT albums, it takes time and the right kind of mood and mindset to fully understand and enjoy what they’ve done.  Give it time and the band will reward you.  Theoretically, you could discover a new part that you’ve never noticed before with each subsequent listen here.

When you are ready to travel elsewhere, take the journey with INTRONAUT.  (Century Media Records)