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IRON REAGAN - Worse Than Dead

Iron Reagan - Worse Than Dad

Crossover bands have always been in short supply  so we are all blessed to have IRON REAGAN’s debut full-length, Worse Than Dead.  Composed of one half MUNICIPAL WASTE and one half ex-DARKEST HOUR members, the band tear through 19 raging tracks.

You may ask, “Well, isn’t MUNICIPAL WASTE a cross over band?  What’s the difference? Why should we care?”  Yes, you have THE WASTE’s Tony Foresta on vocals and LandPhil Hall on bass.  However, IRON REAGAN do not incorporate melodies, overt SLAYER influences, or party themes.   Additionally, the sound, lyrics, band name, and artwork are focused more on early 80’s prototypical hardcore themes and style.  And no, this isn’t some heartless, fake attempt at being retro.

Worse Than Dead includes two tracks from the band’s four-song demo alongside 17 new tracks.  The bottom line is that every song rules.  Tons of energy, hooks, beefy riffs, and perfect production.  Don’t be a fool and gloss over IRON REAGAN as being a “mere side project.”  This is the real shit.  (Magic Bullet Records/A389 Records)