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MUNICIPAL WASTE - Massive Aggressive

Municipal Waste - Massive Aggressive

After two excellent albums which put MUNICIPAL WASTE in the metal spotlight, the band continues its crossover assault with Massive Aggressive. The album features the band’s uber tight playing, breakneck tempos, and perhaps the most violent and brutal collection of songs that the band has written. Perhaps the latter characteristic was an intentional way to extinguish any doubt that the band are dead serious despite its “party” image.

Opening track, “Mech-Cannibal,” sets the pace but it isn’t until the fourth song, “Wolves of Chernobyl,” when the songs reach that high level of quality that fans have become accustomed to. The latter features an almost invincible, crunchy as hell riff for the chorus. “Relentless Threat” has some of the best arrangements in THE WASTE’s catalogue. “Media Skeptic” may not only be one of their best songs but could also be an anthem for what defines “crossover.”

While Massive Aggressive may not necessarily be a better overall album compared to its predecessors, it’s still a strong album which sees THE WASTE showing growth via certain song structures, and upping the ante in the violence department. Most importantly, the band’s sound is still fresh, which is especially encouraging given their style, and full of vitality. (Earache Records)