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MUNICIPAL WASTE - Hazardous Mutation (Reissue)


This review’s objective is to help ensure that all know about awesomeness that is Richmond, Virginia’s MUNICIPAL WASTE. To put it bluntly, MUNICIPAL WASTE are the second coming of crossover (think D.R.I.) with a solid foundation in only the best classic underground thrash. Don’t mistake them for being a cheesy retro band. These guys are the real deal and they thrash harder and better than virtually any other. You’ve got a solid line-up of Land Phil playing bass loud and in-your-face, drumgod Dave Witte powering the turbo-charged pace, Ryan Waste absolutely owning the art of metal guitar riffing, and vocalist Tony Forresta barking out the commands with vigor and catchiness. Every song is fast and tight as fuck. Picture the tightness of classic RAZOR and SLAYER in one. The tornado doesn’t relent until the album is done. The production is also top-notch. There is a great balance and crunch to the guitars. The bass is loud, clear, and played like a real man. The reissue comes with a DVD with a live show recorded in front of a hometown crowd in 2006. The show has a great atmosphere where everyone is having a great time and getting crazy, crowd surfing, and even boogie boarding. There’s also a good helping of footage of the band goofing around at home. All in all, Hazardous Mutation is a solid, top of the line album that injects fresh, new life into a sound that all true metal warriors hold dear. (Earache Records)