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MUNICIPAL WASTE - The Art of Partying


In a world that tends to take things way too seriously, Virginia’s MUNICIPAL WASTE is a breath of fresh air. Instead of the usual gloom and doom outlook of the majority of the metal scene, The Art of Partying is a celebration of the spirit of classic thrash. Sounding like a head-on collision between NYC speed kings NUCLEAR ASSAULT and Bay area shredders EXODUS with D.R.I. caught somewhere in the middle, MUNICIPAL WASTE rips through just over half an hour of pummeling beats and precise, razor-sharp riffage. Serving up maximum crunch, The Art of Partying is a virtual smorgasbord of chugging rhythms and head-banging, fist-pumping thrash anthems. What else would you expect from song titles such as “Headbanger Face Rip,” “Septic Detonation," and “Rigorous Vengeance?” Or how about the anti-straightedge antics of “Beer Pressure,” “The Inebriator,” and “Chemically Altered?” Although it might be easy to just dismiss MUNICIPAL WASTE as just another throwback retro act, the band has the chops, and has paid their dues. And unlike most metal acts these days that are seemingly lost in a competition to outdo each other in the intensity and complexity departments, MUNICIPAL WASTE are focused on serving up catchy, memorable songs. An exciting, refreshing approach to metal has been delivered, so crack open a cold one and take some lessons in The Art of Partying. (Earache Records)