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KOSMOS - Kosmos


Just as their band name denotes, KOSMOS is a spaceship that travels to the far reaches of the galaxy. This Montreal, Canada group is comprised of a full cast of Montreal veterans in Jetphil (PARADISE), Michel “Away” Langevin (VOIVOD), Alex Crow (TRICKY WOO), and Vincent Peake (GRIM SKUNK). While it would shortchange the band to name them a “retro” band, KOSMOS do a perfect job in recreating psychedelic/prog/kraut rock of an era gone by with ample amounts of vigor. Warm keyboards, groovy bass, sweet guitars, and tasty drums provide the charismatic backdrop. Not only are some rockin songs, there’s also more tripped out jams like the Indian-inspired “Indu Kush,” the early 80’s video game soundtrack of “Dream,” and the alien communications in “Septial.” There are only two songs with vocalists and they rock so well that they could easily be radio staples. The only downside of the album is that there are more “segue” tracks than “actual songs.” However, the argument can be made that former are meant to enhance the interstellar atmosphere. In the end, KOSMOS are just good at what they do and it comes across as if it was all created with ease. The chops and quality songwriting on display make Kosmos such an easy and enjoyable listen. Onward to album number two. (The End Records)