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VOIVOD - Warriors of Ice

Voivod - Warriors of Ice

VOIVOD’s latest live album, Warriors of Ice, is the definition of “fan service.” Picture a live album with every classic VOIVOD song on it. It was recorded on December 12th, 2009 at Club Soda in Montreal, Canada for a show the band played in order promote their latest live DVD, Tatsumaki.

So what fans can look forward to are perfect performances of 12 early VOIVOD classics, two songs from their latest studio album, Infini, and a cover of PINK FLOYD’s “Astronomy Domine.” Having the band kick out classic song after classic song such as “Ripping Headaches,” “Voivod,” and “Ravenous Medicine” is just a beautiful thing.

Just like the performances, the production is flawless. You will feel like you’re listening to a soundboard recording. Crowd noise is kept to a minimum. Warriors of Ice is also ideal for musicians looking to learn the songs and play along.

However way you wanna look at it, Warriors of Ice is a slam dunk. The bottom line is that this is a must have for VOIVOD fans, and by default all metal fans are VOIVOD fans. (Sonic Unyon Metal)