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MARC RIZZO - Colossal Myopia


Who knew that the former guitarist of ILL NINO/current guitarist of SOULFLY could shred like a beast!?! Marc Rizzo breaks out of those strict and simple musical confines with Colossal Myopia. Opener “Kilocycle Interval” burst outs with an immediate barrage of notes that quickly declares itself as a mind-bending metal shredfest. There are probably more notes in that track alone than in an entire SOULFLY record. The following track, “Introspection of an Introvert,” continues the assault with plenty of DEATH-like rhythmic riffing and guitar heroics. The album is not an all out metal fest as Rizzo displays his specialty in Spanish/flamenco guitar on a good portion of the songs. Accompanying the aforementioned songs are some excellent and tasteful Latin percussion. The title track melds his two main musical worlds together with ultra heavy riffs and lightning fast flamenco licks. There’s even a song that ventures into new age territory. One of the defining characteristics of Colossal Myopia is that the songs are in constant motion. The rhythm is always pulsating with energy whether it is from the guitars alone or from the accompanying percussion. The songwriting is simply solid as each track plays a crucial role in creating the overall charisma of Colossal Myopia. Marc Rizzo is a name that demands your attention and respect. (Shrapnel Records)