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MARC RIZZO - Legionnaire

Marc Rizzo - Legionnaire

One of the most exciting lead guitarists in metal makes a welcome return with his third instrumental solo album. Legionnaire is both the jaw dropping shredfest and showcase of Marc Rizzo’s non-metal playing skills that have become hallmarks of his solo albums. Newcomers will certainly be impressed by hearing dimensions to him that are not on display with his work in SOULFLY or CAVALERA CONSPIRACY. You’re treated to his absolutely mind bending lighting speed licks, warm toned-melodies, mastery of rhythms, and overall feel.

In terms of his metal riffing style, Marc is right up there with the modern, technical bands such as latter-era DEATH, NEVERMORE, and latter-era TESTAMENT.

His classical/flamenco guitar stylings are vibrant, lively, and the type of music that anyone, regardless of personal music tastes, can wholeheartedly enjoy. The fantastic percussion is an excellent complement, adding to the spirit of these particular songs.

The song titles are easy indicators for what to expect as songs like “Victims in Shred” are shredfests while songs like “Bandidas” are Latin-styled songs. In general, Legionnaire is really no different than its predecessors, Colossal Myopia and The Ultimate Devotion. It’s really about being more of the same tasty songs that Marc Rizzo has become known for. Highlights include “Peaks and Valleys,” “Bandidas,” “Victim in Shred,” and the title track.

If you’re looking for a very musical and stimulating kick in the arse, Marc Rizzo has what you need. (Phlamencore Records)