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MARTY FRIEDMAN - Loudspeaker


Let’s face it”¦if you don’t know of the brilliance of Mr. Marty Friedman, you are either new to this genre of music or you’re a total moron. What you have with Loudspeaker is 11 songs of pure guitar domination in every sense of the word. You don’t have to play guitar or music at all to be able to appreciate the absolutely soulful, memorable, and high quality music here. As with all of his releases, Marty plays with such ease and natural flow. Every note comes out so smoothly and precisely that it cuts through you like a fine, fine laser. “Elixir” starts off Loudspeaker like a hammer to the head with its bludgeoning heavy riffs and pounding drums. It’s the perfect soundtrack for getting a speeding ticket. The next two tracks blend in heavy punk riffs (that would make Johnny Ramone proud) with infectious melodic riffs. It becomes obvious as the album progresses that this is not some “shred album” but a well-balanced instrumental album full of variations in its twists and turns, riffing, and moods. The melodies on Loudspeaker will undoubtedly have fans in Japan, as well as the rest of the world, going nuts. “Glycerine Flesh” has got to be one of Marty’s best songs with its soul melting melodies atop acoustic rhythm guitars. “Coloreas Mi Vida” would make QUEEN’s Brian May very proud as the leads absolutely own. The guest appearances by Billy Sheehan, John Petrucci, and Steve Vai blend in seamlessly into the songs. The more you listen to Loudspeaker, the more the brilliant intricacies come out like an unending well. Score another victory for Marty Friedman. (Shrapnel Records)