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MEGADETH - Anthology: Set the World Afire


Despite the fact that there are a total of three other MEGADETH compilations issued by Capitol Records, the label has put out their fourth entry, Anthology: Set the World Afire. As purely a greatest hits compilation of the band’s Capitol years, this is the best collection of songs so far. The songs spread out across two CDs run in predominantly chronological order featuring songs from all of the band’s Capitol albums, which are coincidentally the band’s greatest era of quality output. They are taken from the remixed/remastered reissues of the albums. Anthology: Set the World Afire is not meant for the tried and true MEGADETH fan as all the songs have already been released on some official release. This compilation has the greatest value to new or casual MEGADETH fans, who are looking for a gateway drug into the band’s legendary back catalogue. Disc One features the band’s first decade of thrashing, manic, speed metal as well as the beginning of the more mid-tempo mainstream metal style that the band would eventually embrace. Disc Two features many of the band’s best songs from the 90’s/00’s. While Risk was critically bashed for its noticeable stylistic shift, the two songs from the album hold up considerably well today. One of the best aspects of Anthology: Set the World Afire is that it features “Crown of Worms” and “New World Order,” which are criminally underrated, harder to find songs. The compilation also does not forget to include three gems featured previously on Hidden Treasures/various movie soundtracks. At the end of the day, Anthology: Set the World Afire should not function as a stand alone release but as an intro to the absolutely mandatory albums of MEGADETH. (Capitol Records)