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MENDEED - The Dead Live By Love


Despite what may sound like the title to a poor emo band you might find at a trendy store in the mall, The Dead Live By Love is actually the newest album by UK thrashers MENDEED. This new release is an excellent combination of talented modern thrash metal and 80’s metal inspiration and influence. MENDEED have been around in the UK since 2004, but this album should help secure their standing as an up and coming band worldwide. They sound like what you may get if Finnish metallers CHILDREN OF BODOM made a full on thrash album with no keyboards and Alexi Laiho occasionally threw in 80’s rock style vocals. The result is a stylishly executed thrash sound that should get the attention of the metal community, and there is no skimping in the guitar department with excellent riffs and solos. With twelve tracks of uncompromising, talented songwriting, MENDEED does not sell you short, and the album is well worth your cash. The Dead Live By Love runs the gamut of thrash metal, and the band has no problem displaying their versatility. Stand out tracks are “Gravedigger,” “Blood Brothers,” “Reload ’n’ Kill,” and “It’s Not Over Yet.” Some new school fans may not like the 80’s rock clean vocal homage, but most metalheads should find this kind of influence refreshing in that it does not rehash operatic vocals like stereotypical power metal bands. (Nuclear Blast Records)