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AMON AMARTH - Twilight of the Thunder Gods


With their relentless touring schedule and countless albums underneath their belt, AMON AMARTH have proved that hard work in the metal scene does indeed pay off. Twilight of the Thunder God shows that although their style of Viking death metal is different and more accessible than UNLEASHED, they can put out a solid album as well. Following the path of the last album, Twilight of the Thunder God treats fans to memorable choruses, melodic riffs, and a few surprise guest appearances. AMON AMARTH offers no bullshit, just straight up headbanging material.

The title track opens the album with tons of ferocity that will indeed make every AMON AMARTH fan smile with approval, and Roope Latvala of CHILDREN OF BODOM fame lends his talents with a nicely executed solo in the track. Fans of all Swedish death metal should be pleased that ENTOMBED growler L.G. Petrov belts out a few lines and backup vocals in “Guardians of Asgaard,” and his vocals compliment Johan Hegg’s quite well. Johan has definitely stepped up to the plate, as his vocals on Twilight of the Thunder God are decipherable, yet deeper and stronger than ever before.

While the middle of the album loses some steam, “Tattered Banners and Bloody Flags” picks right back up and many of the songs on this album were written for the live setting as you can picture the entire crowd easily singing along and headbanging to certain parts. “No Fear for the Setting Sun” has an aggressive IN FLAMES feel to it, and will certainly satiate the thirst of all Swedish death metal lovers.

Live For The Kill” features APOCALYPTICA, but the cellos do not come into play until almost the end of the song, and while it is a nice touch, it could have been easily substituted with keyboards. “Embrace The Endless Ocean” closes the album nicely, capturing the spirit of a Viking warrior riding into the sunset across the vast ocean. Don’t be surprised if you catch yourself singing along to this album while drinking some beer and headbanging at the same time. (Metal Blade Records)