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AMON AMARTH - Surtur Rising

Amon Amarth - Surtur Rising

The AC/DC of Swedish death metal are back with their latest viking-themed album, Surtur Rising. AMON AMARTH fans know exactly what to expect: an album cover in orange/red hues with a viking and fire, Norse mythological themes, those melancholic melodies, steady handed tempos, and those deep growls from vocalist Johan Hegg.

Surtur Rising is as consistent and solid as records go. The tone or song variety never significantly go up or go down. Things remain very constant. AMON AMARTH know exactly what they want to achieve and they once again flawlessly execute it. The albums eight songs are based around various characters and events in Norse mythological and are as triumphant as expected.

Songs like “Live Without Regret” are sure to strike a personal chord in fans and become a new anthem. “The Last Stand of Frej” is total HYPOCRISY (middle era) worship with its slow pace and melodies. The melodic lead guitars in “For Victory or Death” are classic melodic Swedish death metal with a touch of MAIDEN’s “Revelations.”

The bottom line is if you love AMON AMARTH, you will love Surtur Rising. No overthinking or contemplation necessary. (Metal Blade Records)