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SOLEFALD - Black for Death: An Icelandic Odyssey Part II


The Norwegian mad scientist duo known as SOLEFALD complete the second half of their Icelandic Odyssey with Black for Death. As with every SOLEFALD release, it takes some initial time to digest and comprehend what these maniacs are doing, mainly because they are always along the outlaying borders of what defines (Norwegian) metal. The band use Norwegian-Icelandic mythology as the back drop of the album while also drawing parallels to contemporary topics. Opening track, “Red for Fire + Black for Death,” makes a grand entrance with plenty of heavy guitars and violins/cellos and draw allusions to MAYHEM’s Euronymous. Black for Death carries a strong mystical and epic atmosphere and a strong sense of continuity in terms of artistic vision. It’s easy to get enveloped by the album’s storytelling feel like a great BATHORY album. “Necrodyssey” laments and condemns the loss of the true spirit and vision of Norwegian black metal. “Allfathers” is an homage to the band’s cultural ancestors, the Norwegian Vikings. ULVER’s Trickster G fittingly blesses the excellent “Loki Trickster God” with his ice cool lead vocals. Another strong point of the album is SOLEFALD’s incorporation of violins, cellos, female vocals, and spoken storytelling vocals, which result in a great compliment to what the duo of Cornelius and Lazare already bring to the table. By the end of Black for Death, you’ll not only be thoroughly impressed with the quality of the album but also have a new level of respect for one of the most underrated bands in underground metal. (Season of Mist Records)