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U.S. CHRISTMAS - Run Thick in the Night

U.S. Christmas - Run Thick in the Night

Simply put, Marion, North Carolina’s U.S. CHRISTMAS have created another underground classic in Run Thick in the Night. This time, the band’s sound has less embellishments in the theremin, synth, and guitar effects departments. Instead, there is a hearty helping of acoustic guitars. However, the core of U.S. CHRISTMAS’ psychedelic/atmospheric/progressive rock remains intact. As a result, the songs sound a little more naked and exposed compared to predecessors found on Eat the Low Dogs.

As far as the tone of Run Thick in the Night, it’s the perfect kind of music to listen to on a pitch black night with only the stars out. Melancholy and haunting somberness permeate every note on the album, but perhaps there is less of a feeling of desperation and sadness than on Eat the Low Dogs. Some may even hear parallels to European folk/dark metal bands of the early 2000’s in terms of atmosphere and some riffing.

There are no throwaway tracks here nor are there lulls in quality. After a good number of listens, it’ll be crystal clear that U.S. CHRISTMAS are one of the underground’s best. (Neurot Recordings)