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U.S. CHRISTMAS - Eat the Low Dogs


When an album like Eat the Low Dogs comes into your life, it’s a godsend. It breaks the cycle of repetitive boredom that often comes with listening to so much music. U.S. CHRISTMAS are truly their own band with a unique style that is atmospheric, emotional, brooding, and powerful. Thankfully, their sound isn’t as simple as cutting and pasting riffs from different genres together. Eat the Low Dogs is a journey that encompasses plenty of sweeping guitars in progressive, psychedelic, and atmospheric fashion. There’s a great implementation of theremin and synthesizers that really adds to the overall feel of things. In many (positive) ways, U.S. CHRISTMAS are reminiscent of the legendary IN THE WOODS… Nate Hall really leads the band as his tortured and emotional vocals really hit deep and make a strong impression. The album should be considered as one piece of music as listening to just one individual song really doesn’t convey what it’s all about. It really is powerfully cohesive. It’s is all about “feel.” The mood of Eat the Low Dogs is truly depressing and desolate, and is perfect for those lonely late night listening sessions during a cold night. Without a doubt one of the best albums of 2008. (Neurot Recordings)